Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday, Sunday...Blog Roll--Visit Some New Sites Today

So it's all pretty exciting--the blogathon has started and already I got two visitors (welcome back!!)--As the month goes on, we all tend to start visiting each other's blogs, and I know I find new favorites.

First some of my own old favorites--start with yesterday's visitors, Jan Udlock's Blog--she is one of the people who help Blogathon happen, and she's discovered a new career in it, a career as a virtual assistant. Who knew? 

Two Hands and a Road Map always makes me smile.

Bike with Jackie inspires me.

I "met" Van on last year's Blogathon--he was my second guest poster (he had already committed for the Blogathon, so posted for me in June) and talked about foraging and cooking...he had a "failure," but I wanted him to post it anyway, because I have failures in the kitchen, too (please see: Epic Fail). Blogathon and Van's Speed River Journal helped him find his way back to professional freelance writing.

I read Annie Logue because she makes me smarter.

The list is long...I plan to visit all the blogs this year, and I'll feature different sites once a week--link-back love, as it were..

Let me hear your favorites.

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