Monday, June 17, 2013


I will tackle making my own video (new video) later this month. For now, I am linking you to a couple of videos I hosted when I traveled Florida for VISITFLORIDA, the tourism arm of Florida...first one about the Seafood Festival in Apalachicola, Florida, one of my favorite parts of that state, then one about Florida Stone Crabs, an incredible, sustainable protein source...I arranged the whole thing, meeting the guy who sells the crabs and working with him to coordinate going out on the crab boat. It was an incredible two days (he also arranged for me to stay by myself on a houseboat in a rather lonely spot. I didn't sleep well that this day if I see the TV show "Chuck," I am taken back to that night because I watched Chuck to help me get to sleep. Over and over again.)

Have fun watching...and watch this space for my own production soon enough!

Wait! I forgot I made this video of my dog on the beach more than a year ago. Music and everything!

Gia at The Beach from Barb Freda on Vimeo.

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