Thursday, June 13, 2013

007: Only the Classics, Please

So a local bar (hi, Cowfish!!) has half off martini nights on Tuesday nights. Trouble for me is the martinis are all "cocotini this" and "berrytini that." In other words, sweet. I don't do sweet drinks. (Okay, the occasional swizzle. And once a year, mint juleps.)

In the past, I've asked after a "margarita-tini," which they used to make. Then they took it off the menu but the bartenders would still make it for me and honor the promotion. But last night, it was only what's on the menu.

007 it is, then. That's a classic vodka gin martini. Packs a punch, but I don't slurp it down. I sip sip sip sip (enjoy enjoy enjoy enjoy). I like mine dirty with those blue cheese olives. Mmmm.

Then the sun hit the drink and lit it up and I knew I'd picked well....


Tara said...

Oh yes, all the "tini" drinks! They remind me wine coolers in high school. "I want cred for drinking alcohol without having to gain adult taste buds."

That said, I'm making carnitas tonight, and if it weren't for this darn diet, I would totally be drinking a mojito along with, made with homegrown mint and a fraction of the sugar. My tastebuds aren't totally grown up either.

Anne said...

I went on a cocktail making event last year for my birthday - wow, we sampled some lovely cocktails. I don't do sweet either but the 007 Martini was a step too far the other way for me!