Saturday, June 15, 2013

Saturday, Link Day

Oh, a fine piece of writing on memories in a kitchen from David Leite of Leite's Culinaria

What you want to know before you marry a chef and think you'll be eating gourmet food every day.

Our kids don't need much, truly they don't--our time, our love...not stuff. When we watch them participate in life, they should hear these six little words from us.

Party antics caught in slow motion. Awesome.

Ooh, imagine discovering a bomb shelter in your backyard, with everything still there from the day the previous owner built it...

Google doodle shows some love to Maurice Sendak.

I found these brief seconds of Anne Frank watching a wedding very moving.

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Jennifer said...

Love the Maurice Sendak Google Doodle! And your blog is beautiful. I'm really looking forward to seeing more. Thanks for visiting my blog...hope you've been able to find some good Guy Penrod stuff to explore. :)