Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Theme Day: My Five Favorite Apps

Unfortunately I lost my iTouch and all the apps I loved late last summer. Looked high and low for it. I loved that thing and the pages of apps I had on it. I've inherited my daughters HP Touchpad (Web OS? Pretty defunct), but the Kindle app is not as nimble on that. I may be breaking down soon and upgrading to a new iTouch. Or Kindle Fire. Or iPad. Or iPad mini. Or a combo of two of the above. (Advice and suggestions welcome!)

So the best I can do is list the apps I loved and some new ones I found while reading PC Magazine's top 50 free apps. I use all of these on my computer except for Dashlane, but I like the concept enough that I may start to play with it on the Macbook...then transition to the mobile app when I get my new toy. Soon.

1. Kindle app. I don't own a Kindle, but I love the app. I've read long books on my iTouch.

2. Dashlane is a great idea--it stores all your password info and so much more. Here's some of what PC Magazine says about it:
Dashlane is an elegant and secure app that acts as a digital wallet backup, password, password manager, and more. It can automatically save information from when you make purchases online, so you don't have to keep track of them via email confirmations. The data that Dashlane stores remains encrypted until you unlock the app,.... 

3. Dropbox. What a great way to send big files to people. Everyone should have it. Welcome to cloud computing.

4. This American Life Podcasts. I love this show--you get nearly hour-long podcasts of some of the best writing on radio. Perfect for in-flight listening and long car trips.

5. White Noise Lite I can't travel with my husband without this app without white noise for sleeping. Enough said.

Bonus for travelers: Sutro Essential Guides. Great mobile travel guides, especially the one for Charlotte, NC, which I wrote and maintain!

Okay--what do you love?


Susan said...

I love your list, Barb. I can't use apps yet, having only a not-very-smartphone that's not even on Android. But, when I do (and it's only a matter of time), I'm going to definitely download the Kindle App and Dropbox ones you mention. Thanks for sharing these with us. (Just dropping by from the Blogathon.)

Babette said...

From Bob Clementi (thanks for trying to comment, Bob--sorry it didn't "take"--Barb):

Dropbox is a great app for file sharing with anyone... Work or pleasure. Really good for files/folders that are too big to email

Alien blue for Reddit users.

TurbosScan - takes pictures of documents. Adjusts the frame so skewed sides of pages are parallel, modifies contrast, and let's you email as pdf or jpegs. Better than a scanner.

XpenseTrkr - if you need to track expenses for reimbursement.

IBomber - WWII bombing game uses tilting of phone for control

Trainyard - challenging and addictive game. Lay track, switches to get trains to change color and reach the proper station.

Chirp!Lite - bird calls, and information. When I play the Cardinal song, male cardinals come to see who's invaded their turf.