Tuesday, December 8, 2009

TWD: Sables...How Could I Not?

Yet again, it's been a while, but when I saw it was sables, really: how could I not? First off: simple. Second off: My. Favorite. Cookie. Ever.

I truly had to say to myself: Okay, I'll go write about these after just one more.

These are melt in my mouth (haven't decided to share them yet, so maybe they will be melt in someone else's mouth) good. I didn't just follow Dorie's directions, I studied them and when I added the flour, I sang to myself: sandy, sandy, sandy (as instructed by Dorie). They rested about 4 hours before I cut and baked...and? They are just superb.

(Did I miss something, though? The egg yolk to wash the logs with before you sugar them? I don't see that on the ingredient list, it just appears...I briefly worried I added one too many yolks to the batter, but she does say: add yolks, plural...)

I don't think these can be improved upon, although I am so going to try the chocolate pepper shortbreads a page or two ahead of these...

So. Do I give them away? Or eat them all up? I know what I SHOULD do...I just don't want to.

(some got red sugah)

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Monday, December 7, 2009

Soup's On

I liked this photo. I took it for a post at FloridaTable.com, but thought I'd share the image here, too.

Speaking of images, do you love the flowers at the top? Those graced the Thanksgiving table...Loved them.

Happy December, all--baking Sables for TWD today...WILL POST.