Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Visiting Victoria and Vancouver:The Food Version

 What a treat...We got to spend a week in British Columbia. We went from Victoria to Vancouver to Whistler to Williams Lake (over the Duffy Lake Road) back to Vancouver by way of Fraser Canyon. Spectacular scenery everywhere...the BEST time spent with a great friend, Megan (the highlight for me), and, of course, food wherever we went...Here is a photo journey of our food journey...

Super ripe tomatoes with blue cheese and red onions at Marcello's in Vancouver...

 Calzone at Marcello's

One night, Gary was out with work people, I had no plans...and I ate a hot dog. No kidding..
Victoria, BC--if you need cheap eats, lots of options, Dog Gone It...pretty good choice!

I learned what a Caesar is...if I ever do drink one, it will be this one at Jam Cafe in Victoria, garnish with asparagus and a big crispy rasher of bacon...

 I drank many a cup of coffee..I believe this one was consumed at Habit in Victoria, BC.

 Not food, but one day Megan and I watched a storm move in across the land in was beautiful in its own way. I welcomed the cool weather...

Megan and I HAD to split this salted caramel with pecans doughnut. I finished my half. I watched. She did not finish hers. Amateur.

Back at Jam Cafe in Victoria: These biscuits were as bit as my head, filled with an egg and spinach and goat cheese scramble...awesome..

A view of Jam from the inside...Worth the wait in line, btw.

This awesome roasted vegetable salad was enjoyed at 10 Acres in Victoria...

Just before we left Victoria, we enjoyed tea at Fairmont Empress Victoria...

We crossed with Prince of Whales crossing, one way to Victoria by way of Butchart Gardens...what a lovely (if crowded) stop..
Look, it's Me!
The crossing..

Bar Scene...
My bourbon cocktail...

More to come!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Milanesa...The Secret at Last!

Perfect Milanesa Every Time

So hands down, one of my favorite dishes in Uruguay and Argentina is the milanesa, a steak pounded thin, breaded and fried--simple milanesa is served with a wedge of lemon. Milanesa napolitana is served with tomato sauce and cheese...what's not to love.

I have struggled to get the coating to actually "stick" to the steak--too often, I've had steak in a hollow --a shell, almost--  coating or batter.

I finally have hit on the right way. Actually, the best way.

It's the double breadcrumb dip.

  • Pound thin sirloin steaks to VERY thin. Think 1/4-inch. If you have a butcher have him slice large rounds into thin steaks..
  • Press coating of flavored breadcrumbs into steaks. 
  • Dip into beaten egg wash.
  • Dip into breadcrumbs again, coating well and completely.

Fry in a medium-high heat mix of butter and oil (butter for flavor, oil to keep butter from burning), reducing heat if necessary to keep steak coating from burning.

Serve with lemon or top with tomato sauce and cheese, place back under broiler just long enough for cheese to melt and voila:

Perfect milanesa every time.