Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cheerios All Around...or: Dinner!

You think food writers always eat awesome dinners? Think again (and just ask my family on those days I cry out "Cheerios!" in reply to the "What's for dinner" question).

Last night, my schedule conspired against me. I planned to check out a sports bar on my own, but I chickened out when I saw all the windows painted over and couldn't see into the bar. If I can't see in, I probably am not venturing into that place on my own. OTOH? The windows were painted over with the Steelers logo, so at least I would have been among my peeps.

Instead, I found myself at a nearby hotel's happy hour. Wine was served in plastic cups and the snack o' choice? Potato chips with onion dip and that Japanese rice cracker snack mix.

Two observations:

1. Onion dip: still awesome (you know the one: sour cream and Lipton's onion soup mix)
2. Sometimes? Sometimes snack mix and wine is all I really need.

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Brette said...

Sometimes cooking is the absolute last thing I can face doing and dinner is just too much to face. On those nights I tell everyone they're on their own. I usually have a baked potato with cheese and green onion. The kids make mac and cheese or ravioli. The husband forages strange things. Sometimes I think that food writing was a huge mistake since it turned my passion into a job - and made it not so fun sometimes!