Tuesday, June 4, 2013


What would I do without onions? I already gave you the Julia Child quote about onions and civilization. To me, the best smell from my childhood is of onions and garlic cooking slowly in oil (I would bet we didn't use olive oil. I grew up in Indiana, PA. There was probably plenty of olive oil in Pittsburgh, but I don't think it was making its way to Indiana on a regular basis. I digress). My husband plays a "game" (go ahead, roll your eyes. I just did.) where he asks what food couldn't you live without. Forever.

Onions are high on that list.

See? I can't do it. He always says ONE food.

Yesterday's dinner made me lean--yet again-- in the direction of choosing the onion as my one and only.

I made Susan Spungen's Caramelized Onion Bacon Tart--
Here's how: Cook bacon. Discard MOST of the bacon grease, but not all---because that is where you cook the onions. Lots and lots of onions, a touch of salt and a good dose of fresh thyme. Cook them until they are dark golden brown. Stir the bacon back (crumbled or chopped first) in (oops. Sorry, Susan. I didn't read carefully enough to remember to save the chopped up bacon to sprinkle over the top...).

Make Dorie Greenspan's all-purpose pastry crust. Once good and chilled, roll out and line tart pan. (You can find the recipe as part of this Dorie recipe in Bon Appetit. The crust for the Christmas galette is THE crust to make. Bar none.)

Mix 1 cup whole ricotta with an egg yolk, more fresh thyme (be generous) and a good amount of freshly grated Parmesan. Salt and pepper. Spread this over the tart shell. Top with most delicious onion and bacon mixture EVER. Top that with more Parmesan.

My only critique on this is of execution--I should have let it cook longer so the crust was more done...the next time I make this, I may bake it a bit to start with, too.


Annie Logue said...

I do like onions, cooked down so that that they are sweet and spreadable. Yum. I have some frozen pastry dough; maybe it's time to thaw it and fill it with onions.

Annie Logue said...

Onions are so great when they are cooked down to be sweet and spreadable. I have some frozen pastry dough - maybe I should do this.

Unknown said...

Love onions (and garlic!) cooked in bacon grease or goat butter. Mmmmm!