Monday, May 6, 2013

Epic Fail: Almond Macaroons.

So a place I know serves these light, slightly sticky-chewy almond macaroons...Not French "macarons", but bigger, a bit denser...not sandwiched with anything, but covered with sliced, blanched almonds.

All I know about them is that there is honey and rice flour in them. Unable to find any recipe, I've been playing around. And boy did I find a fail. I made some little, dense (yet tasty) cookies, but they weren't right, so I cracked open Martha Stewart's cookie book...They looked kind of close and the description sounded right.

I doubled the recipe, tweaked it a bit to use some honey and rice flour and got...almond macaroon pancakes. TASTY almond macaroon pancakes, but pancakes nonetheless.

Knowing I'm not a baker, I though I must have done something so very wrong. So rather than tweak the recipe, I decided to make a second, single batch of the original recipe.

Here's a photo of the book illustration.

Here's a photo of the result I got using the original recipe. Right, the difference is mine aren't sprinkled with powdered sugar...

But I am nothing if not determined. Luckily these tasted great and my family is not hung up on looks alone!

I post this in case someone out there thinks I don't have fails in the kitchen. Boy do I EVER have fails!!

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