Monday, May 13, 2013

Indian Food

Sooo. A few of us have decided to get together now and then and make interesting things we might not otherwise be making.

Last week we made Indian food. One of my favorite things is papri chaat, which I liken to Indian nachos (heresy, I know, but it suits!!)...this is party food at its finest, and everyone has their own preference. In the past, I've made it with chick pea "chips" (I love those chips), but couldn't find them, so I think I made it the more acceptable way, with plain papadams (not the small ones, although I did just find those in the store)...topped with a potato mix, yogurt, chutney...MMmm.

I also made samosas...They don't look quite right (in the shape arena), but boy were they good. I do think I should try a baked version, if for no other reason than to ...well, to not eat fried food.

Dough was simple--flour, water, oil. I made the filling from yellow potatoes (Yukon Gold-LIKE, just not Yukon Golds)..spices (mustard seed, cumin seed, curry powder (I didn't have turmeric), peas, onion, carrots (not traditional, I just learned), cilantro.

We also ate homemade naan, lentils, yogurt sauce and rice pudding. Mmm..It was a feast!

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