Saturday, May 29, 2010

Picnic Plans...or not..

A picnic always sounds nice on Memorial Day weekend, right? Eh, maybe, maybe not. Me? I've never been a huge fan of eating out of doors unless the weather is perfect--65 degrees. Zero humidity. A light ants. I don't mind a hike and sitting down for a sandwich and water on the way--but for me that's about the hike and not the meal.

So I don't think we'll be picnicking this weekend. But we might be headed to a street fair...where I declare fried foods good for one day. Real french fries...maybe a bite of a funnel cakes (those don't do it for me..)...those real lemonades? Those are so good I make real lemonade at home...who needs fake?

I think I don't have much to say today, Saturday, the final Saturday of the blogathon. I guess I'm worn out..Tomorrow, it's another Photo Sunday...and Monday will be my wrap-up--things I've learned by blogging every day.

And if you've read this far, tell me: do you picnic? Why? Don't those ants bug you?


Jan said...

Hi Babette, Yes, we are almost done. I haven't been back only because I feel like I was treading water - just trying to finish. You've done a beautiful job.

Picnics - What I find frustrating with them is forgetting something. But the kids seem to like them.

Hope to stay in touch!

Unknown said...

I like picnics. But it's generally too hot in Arizona to think of them. The only time I'll do it in the summer is 4th of July--and that's only if I plan to see fireworks. And for all the work that's involved, I only do it when there are a lot of people involved too.

Anonymous said...

I am not a picnic fan. Too many bugs - especially bees which always seem to come by. Ugh. But I like picnic food - at home!