Saturday, May 15, 2010

May 15, Day 15 of the Blogathon: 10 Food Blogs I Love...

This was a blogthon topic this past week, but since my email has been screwed up, I didn't see it until I solved (halfway--at least now I can find all missing emails) my problems...But it seems a perfect time to list the blogs I love.

1. 5 Second Rule. I met Cheryl Sternman Rule at Greenbrier. She was funny, she'd won a scholarship for the event (that is a very big deal) and she went home and started writing her blog...I love it--she is STILL funny, often touching, she writes killer recipes and takes killer photos of the food to match. Visit!

2. Cafe Lynnylu. I just discovered Lynnylu when she commented on one of my posts...I always try to reciprocate by commenting back...when I went to Cafe L. I found good writing and great photos (you will find photos to be a recurring theme of the blogs I love best.) Lynnylu has a Thirsty Thursday post that I love...a new cocktail for every week. Now there's a woman I could kick back with.

3. I visit Dorie Greenspan's page often. She recounts her travels,  and I remain hopeful that someday (SOON) I will change my life to live part of the year here, part of the year there (there can be France, Italy, Spain...or probably a whole bunch of other places--Buenos Aires? Okay. Japan? Okay, too. India? Distinct possibility....)

4. Orangette. I am a huge fan of Orangette, who wrote A Homemade Life, which I wrote about here..her blogging got very light when she and her husband (who she met through her blog!) opened a restaurant--but she's coming back, and I look forward to more frequent posts. Her book is filled with recipes that I feel I need to try almost the minute I put the book down. Her creamed cabbage is on regular rotation in this house.

5. I love Fig Jam and Lime Cordial by my friend, Celia, who is a frequent commenter here. I met her through a food lovers' forum, which I don't visit often enough these days, but her blog introduces me to new ideas (the cottage loaf! I may have to try this) AND she took the time to get some welder's gloves into the mail to me...umm, did I say SHE LIVES DOWN UNDER??? We've never met, but she made sure someone heading back to the States dropped these into the mail for me. And today? Today there's the lovliest poem there. It made me misty. I love seeing what Celia is up to. Celia? It has been lovely getting to know you this way. One day we will meet!

6. La Tartine Gourmande Again, I love the photos here...There's something so special about good photography, and she gets it right..

7. Perhaps not a blog, but another site I visit often is Cook's Illustrated. I pay for the subscription as well--the techniques they talk about, the reasons behind why food acts the way it does--all that is valuable to me as a recipe developer..

8. This one is grudging admiration..because I wish *I* had developed it. food52, by (skinny) Amanda Hesser of NYT and Merrill.  It's good. And they care about the stuff I care about. Love the current post: Showdown with Cook's Illustrated, where dueling recipe testing methods take place.

9. Ack! Only two spots left...but I read so many more!..I'll give a nod to Chocolate and Zucchini, one of the original blog-to-book blogs...I dream big. But here, I do love the essay quality of all her posts...again, something I aspire to (oh, that and a book...and living abroad...)

10. I cannot decide, therefore, I direct you to a non-food blog I won't live without: Some hate her, but I think she is funny as shit, thoughtful, sometimes poignant, raunchy, she loves her family fiercely and has come to terms with having been raised in a religion she thinks is whacko. I can totally relate. She also loves photography. (Told you that would be a recurring theme!) Go. Read Dooce. Love Dooce.


Sue Dickman said...

Hey, great list! In my "blogs I love" post I mention that even though there are zillions of food blogs out there, I keep going back to the same few. (Good ones, certainly, but still.) (One is Orangette.) It's always helpful to have specific recommendations. I'm definitely going to check some of these out.

FOODalogue said...

interesting...some I know, others I don't but I'll check them out.

Celia @ Fig Jam and Lime Cordial said...

Barb, you're too kind! Definitely we'll meet up one of these days, although I do feel like I've known you for years.. :)