Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wednesday: Meet My Blogging World Food Friends

Above: Lemon Lovers' Lemon Bar from Julie O'Hara at A Mingling of Tastes

As part of my blogathon effort, I decided to ask a few friends if they would be willing to talk about why they blog--MORE than a few answered (thank you all!!!), so this will be an ongoing, long-term part of my blog. I love reading their answers here.

And so, with no further ado, I introduce you to Julie O'hara blogs at A Mingling of Tastes, where she develops recipes, takes lovely photos and shares it all.
Here she answers the Babette Feasts burning questions:

1. What pushed you to food or wine blogging?
About 4 years ago, I discovered food blogs and wanted to do my own. At the time, I really needed a creative outlet. It's led to a career as a recipe developer and freelance writer for magazines, so I'm glad I did.

2. What do you hope to share with readers through your blog? My definition of healthy food: it's GOOD food that's delicious and satisfying. But you also feel good about eating it.

3. Is there one post that stands out from others as one that generated a lot of commentary or maybe made you wish you hadn't posted it?
This recipe that I call "lemon lover's lemon bars" still gets comments and emails telling me how good it is. This is gratifying because I am always nervous about people liking my recipes. Plus, I created it to satisfy my craving for the ultimate lemon bar, and I love it! 

4. Do you cook yourself? Well?  What is your go-to dish (share the recipe in a few sentences?
Something might be my go-to dish for months and then it will change and cycle back around eventually. Right now I think it's my take on shrimp and grits: Cook Quaker 5-minute grits with plenty of salt and pepper. Meanwhile saute a bunch of sliced green onions, garlic and a pint of halved grape tomatoes in a little olive oil. Then season some shrimp with salt, pepper and chile powder; saute in olive oil and add to veggies. Serve over grits and sprinkle with Feta cheese. It's also good if you stir some herb-flavor Boursin cheese into the grits when they're done (skip the Feta; or not).

5. Forget your favorite go-to dish; what is your idea of a perfect meal? As long as it involves really great red wine, and I'm eating with my husband, it can be a perfect meal. But probably some variation on steak with a pan sauce, a vegetable and popovers with butter on the side. 

Bonus question if you feel like it: Do you have a dirty little secret in your kitchen?
 This isn't really a secret, but it may be surprising: one shelf of my refrigerator consists mostly of candy. And generally not the fancy stuff. I'm talking about mini reese's peanut butter cups (the ones with dark chocolate are ridiculous); Hershey's miniatures; peanut butter twix; Reese's "Whips." I eat a little bit of candy (like around 100 calories worth) just about every day.

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Alexandra Grabbe said...

Interesting interview! I'm always curious as to why food bloggers started chose to write about food. Those lemon bars look amazing!