Saturday, May 8, 2010

Saturday Treats...Milkshakes.

One of the things I like to do in my new hometown of Charlotte is to find great spots to eat (I hear it. I hear that collective, "well, DUH." Hush now.) I recently read about Pike's, an old-fashioned diner/soda fountain--and the scoop was they serve up some mean milkshakes.

I did what any food-loving blogger would do. I decided it was time for a milkshake. NOW. Grabbed the keys, got the car, picked my DD up from school and set off for Pikes, about 10 minutes from home.

The GPS got me there no problem, and we hit the place in the middle of the very dead afternoon. Trust me, you won't find it like this very often. We sidled up to the old-time bar, hopped up and ordered a milkshake. I swear to you I ordered a chocolate malted milkshake, but the server heard only the chocolate. I'm not complaining.

It comes in one of the classic metal cups, tall and frosty, which then gets poured into a tall glass. You get to finish anything that doesn't make into the glass on that first pass. I couldn't do it justice, but I tried...
This is a simple pleasure that should definitely stay on the treats list. It's worth an extra walk (or 10..0r 20) around the block. Heck, I'll even let you make it with skim milk. Just don't skimp on the ice cream.

That was a fond memory, but today's farmer's market had gallons of strawberries for sale...I had to have a big old gallon of I'm thinking a strawberry milkshake is in order for my Saturday treat. That and a 4-mile walk...

Strawberry Milkshake: Serves 1

1 cup milk
2 scoops strawberry ice cream (best quality)
1 cup fresh strawberries, rinsed and drained.

Place all ingredients into blender. Blend until thick and smooth. If you want some chunks of strawberry, blend the milk and ice cream first and add the strawberries at the end, pulsing just a few times to break up and blend a bit.

Share with your favorite person for extra special feelings of contentment.


Celia @ Fig Jam and Lime Cordial said...

Hmmm...strawberry milkshake! Love your description of Pike's - reminiscent of a scene from an old Archie comic.. :)

Unknown said...

Gotta have my vanilla. I love chocolate and strawberry, too, but I'm a fan of vanilla--and french fries to dip inside. That's not a treat I indulge in very often, any more. I need to change that. ;-)

Jan said...

Yummy! Clever name...that's one of my favorite movies!

Come by and visit. IMP3RfeCt Mom


Alexandra Grabbe said...

This did sound good. I usually make the shake myself, but there's something special about sitting at a soda fountain, a connection with all the people who have sat there before, perhaps?

I don't have shakes as much anymore though. Instead, I create smoothies with my blender.