Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday: 5 Second Rule Answers Penetrating Questions from Babette

I met Cheryl Sternman Rule at the Greenbrier Writers' Symposium two years ago (can that be?!) She is funny, witty, smart. Everything I could want in a blogging friend. She's also worked hard at her photography and has succeeded in posting lovely photos with every post. I love checking out what she has to write. Her posts make me laugh and sometimes are poignant. 5 Second Rule, Cheryl's blog, is a regular stop for me as I catch up on blog reading. It should be a regular stop for you too.

1. What pushed you to food or wine blogging?
Not what, in my case, but who.  My husband had been pushing me to start a blog for a long time before I finally bit the bullet, two years ago.  I loved writing for magazines and other websites (and still do), but I also wanted desperately to drive my own content -- highlighting people, stories, and recipes I felt a connection to -- and to do it in my own authentic (quirky?) voice.  I also wanted an excuse to spend more time stroking my camera.

2. What do you hope to share with readers through your blog?  

Hmm, how much time do you have?  I'll break it down: I hope to share 1)  my love for cooking, storytelling, and photography; 2) my interest in parsing out and discussing complicated and controversial food issues; and 3) my network of fellow food professionals, who have their fingers on the pulse of the industry, whether they're journalists, cookbook authors, policymakers, or academics.

3. Is there one post that stands out from others as one that generated a lot of commentary or maybe made you wish you hadn't posted it?
Um, crazypants?  I'm not highlighting the ones I wish I hadn't posted!  BUT one that generated a lot of commentary was this one, which discussed my struggles with a recent NYT article by Peggy Orenstein, in which she wrote about The Femivore's Dilemma.  I often wonder if I practice what I preach, and with this one, I threw it all out there and really valued the discussion that ensued.

4. Do you cook yourself? Well?  What is your go-to dish?
Yes, I do.  I cook all the time.  If it's just for me, my go-to dish is probably this: saute onions and too much garlic in a thick slick of evoo,  add cumin, sea salt, and pepper, then dump in a can of drained and rinsed black beans.  I shmoosh the beans with a potato masher until they're kind of pathetic looking, then eat the whole mess over brown rice.  Hot, quick, comforting.  In warm weather, maybe a romaine salad with red onion, cherry tomatoes (in season, please), white beans, olive-oil packed tuna, and a shocking amount of lemon juice.  (I have a lemon tree and am not afraid to denude it.)

5. Forget your favorite go-to dish; what is your idea of a perfect meal?
Something light, simple, and colorful.  If you'd asked me 20 years ago the answer would have been something with a lot of cheese (lasagna, macaroni and cheese, etc.)  Now, though, I crave food that makes me feel energized, and this generally means a ton of fresh produce, beans, and something sharp, like a highly acidic vinaigrette.  And dessert.  Because what you really need after a salad is a cookie chaser.
Bonus question if you feel like it: Do you have a dirty little secret
in your kitchen?

Secret?  This is the internet, Barb!

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Unknown said...

The thing I like especially about interviews like this is that they not only introduce you to the person but then give you peek at what they write on their own blog. I like the journey aspect of these interviews. Interesting woman today, and I'd never heard the term femivore. Gotta tell you, I'm not a fan of it. But I do like Cheryl's idea of being a mess. I can relate to that term.