Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Recipe Tuesday: Duck Terrine with Figs, My Paris Kitchen

Duck Terrine with Figs from My Paris Kitchen by David Lebovitz

I mentioned My Paris Kitchen  by David Lebovitz in an earlier post--our book club cooked from it for an end of year feast. I decided to tackle his Duck Terrine with Figs for the club--but started it too late. It's supposed to sit, weighted, in the fridge for two days, allowing flavors to blend and mellow.

I went ahead and made it anyway, figuring we could enjoy it at home in two days--the recipe makes a full loaf pan AND enough for a side bowl (about two cups extra)--so book-clubbers got the extra bowl, unseasoned, and it was good.

But the seasoned stuff? That was great.

I do not have Mr. Lebovitz's permission to reprint the recipe here, so I can only encourage to you go buy the book--there are loads of enticing recipes to make (you should SEE how many I've marked)--but as for notes on this particular recipe (Update: I found a blog where the recipe is reprinted with permission. Go visit Serious Eats for the recipe.):

1. It's really very simple. I did the variation using chicken thighs and it is delicious. I also didn't have the brandy he requests (figs get soaked in brandy), but bourbon made a fine, FINE substitute.

2. It's a big of chopping, a lot of food processing. Based on reading through the book, I've decided, because Mr. Lebovitz mentions it, to let my food processor live on my counter. I'll use it more. (And indeed, I already did, when I used it to shred two pounds of carrots for the carrot salad in the book.)

3. Once all chopped, into the loaf pan (plus bowl) it goes. Bake until internal temp reaches 160ºF (I did use an instant read thermometer for this), cool, weighted, then place, still weighted, in fridge.

4. MAKE THE ONION MARMALADE. Actually, it's shallot marmalade, but I had red onions and white onions. Still delish. It is fabulous on the terrine.

5. Add the cornichons! Crunch, tang, sweetness? All the keys that make something sing for me...

So it didn't make it to the book club dinner. It did make it to a beach bonfire and it's been lunch for days now...a thin slice on a nice roll with a touch of onion marmalade and some cornichons: heaven. Now if I were just in France....

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