Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Monday's Art on Wednesday: Bermuda Onions

I sketched this on regular sketchbook paper. I will definitely tackle this again on watercolor paper. 

Guest poster Pat got Monday's spot, so I'm posting my onions today. Last week Jackie asked about how or why I got started painting...I love watercolors enough to want to be good at this particular thing. They really just capture beauty so well. I took lessons eons ago with a fabulous painter in Louisville, KY, Aline Barker. Fast forward to today, years later and a few painting classes in between, and I realize how fortunate I was to have had her as a teacher. I only regret not starting sooner and ever putting the brushes down (I didn't paint once in Florida. I wasn't happy there.)...It was one thing I wanted to get back to.

Almost a year ago, I turned to a painter friend and said, "I'm going to try to paint every day." So I started. I've painted almost daily ever since. I blog it over at My Year Of Watercolor, where I let you know you'll see the good AND the bad. It hasn't been so very bad so often that I've been embarrassed, although there are a few entries where I cropped the entire painting down to one tiny area that I liked...and sometimes, that's enough, to look at an entire painting and find one thing that I'm okay with.

Painting is so different from everything else. It's challenging. It's brought me into another world of people I never would have met otherwise. So I keep on going.

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