Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Eat Real Food

Real fries, anyone?
Soooo.....Is that just too obvious, "eat real food"? I am so tired of flavorless mediocrity, and I think everyone should be just as tired as I am. If I am laying out good money, the food better be good, too. It doesn't have to be frou frou or fancy--you can feed me a hot dog, but make it a GOOD hot dog! (Best's, anyone? My own favorite. I digress).

Same goes for french fries. Potatoes are cheap. Freezer space is kind of expensive, right? Why buy frozen fries? I would rather eat real fries once every six months than frozen fries once a week. Nothing holds a candle to the real deal.

And can we also talk mashed potatoes? I don't care if instant mashed potatoes are 100% dehydrated potatoes. I really want to know WHY? Unless you're packing all your food supplies to some remote area and weight and shelf life is an issue, you should be eating real potatoes. Real food.

Here's what you need to make instant mashed potatoes: water, pot, packet of instant mashed potatoes and a utensil to stir the resulting "potatoes." Here's what you need to wash up: pot and utensil.

Here's what you need to make REAL mashed potatoes:
water, pot, potatoes and a masher. You don't have to even CUT the potatoes if you don't want to. Here's what you have to wash up: pot and masher.

You choose which one  you'd rather eat.

Me? I'm going with a batch of real fries now and then and REAL mashed potatoes, because really. I don't get why you'd do anything else.


connie said...

I agree! Mashed potatoes from real potatoes is the way to go. Cheaper, tastier and not difficult. I think the complaining and excessive thought process before the actual cooking process is more draining and time consuming then to make the fresh mashed potatoes.

However, I do very occasionally buy frozen french fries but only for occasions in which I am expecting a lot of guests for a casual type meal.

Unknown said...

I think when I was a kid we bought mashed potatoes in a box because it was the new thing. I didn't like them then, and I don't like them now. Yes, real food is best. Real water colors of your real food is good, too! ;-)