Thursday, May 12, 2011

On My Run...

I WILL fill you in on my training, one of the things that has started to take over a part of my life, but in the meantime, I am going to copy a colleague, Mollie Cox Bryan, who writes about five things she thinks about on her morning runs.

Here are my five things.

1. I am hearing tango music running through my head as I run. Cool. I think I should learn the names of the songs I love so much. (I don't run with headphones.)
2. I definitely prefer running without sun and when it is cool. It makes it bearable.
3. I keep wondering if it is enough to just finish the triathlon or if I should make a time goal part of the deal. When I am not running, I think I need to set a time goal. When I am running, I think: "It is enough for me just to finish."
4. I wish I liked running more.
5. Dinner tonight will be awesome. Bon Appetit's Thai ribs (yes, I even think about food while I run).

And Bonus thought: Stupid cheap watch that stopped working. Cannot wait for my Garmin to get here!

Now go visit Mollie, too. She thinks way deeper things than I do!

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Anjuli said...

You have started my morning off with a big smile- I LOVED your thoughts as you were got me to thinking about how when I'm doing one task- I can be thinking of a zillion other things!!