Thursday, May 17, 2012

Second Second Act: Tango Dancer!

While I am enormously proud of the fact that I am a triathlete, I can honestly say that the most fun and joy and passion I've found in the past year has been as I danced tango. Tango gave me a cool thing to do with my husband, gave me a new group of wonderful friends who love to dance tango as much as I do and can teach me along the way, took me to Buenos Aires for 10 days to tango until I was exhausted and introduced me to my first pairs (that's right, plural: PAIRS) of finely made tango shoes, stilettos made just for dancing. I am especially in love with the purple pair (looks blue above, but trust me: they are purple)..

What do I love about tango? When I have a strong leader, it's a connection. It's trust. It's a willingness to follow where he will lead. With my teachers, who are just fabulous dancers and fabulous leaders, I've found myself dancing with my eyes closed, chest to chest (in tango, this is a close embrace), following them wherever they lead. They make me look fabulous, too.

This much I know: I dance with my eyes closed, a smile on my face and joy in my heart. I'm not young or old or worried about anything. I am just happy.

This second act? This is one that will be with me for the rest of my life.

Here's what YOU should do. Google tango in your town. Then show up. Show up and dance.

And if you happen to be in Charlotte, NC?
Google Passion for Tango. And get a dance with Daniel or Bill. They will make you love this dance.


Monica Bhide said...

I need to come see you! Loved this post

Anjuli said...

Love the shoes- and love the this second second act of yours!!!