Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday Roundup: What I've been reading...

If you've heard me talk at all about blogs I love, you know I'm insanely jealous of  crazy about Food52. This week, I had a good read over there on "Oats In All Their Many Forms." Now at least I know what the answer is to that age-old question, "What ARE steel-cut oats?"

I took a walk this week and saw an OCTOPUS IN THE OCEAN. And all I could think was: Dinner.
No, just kidding. Sort of. But it really was cool and it put me in mind of this most awesome video of an octopus working its camouflage magic--we saw the octopus, which was trying hard to look like the rocks it was nestled into, change color in a flash. Watch this video, which was shot by Dr. Roger Hanlon and see just how cool and quickly they CAN do that...if I were a kid and saw this video? I would SO grow up wanting to be a marine biologist studying octopi. Octopuses. Octopi.

You know what I mean.

And this was funny--Stolen iPhone Adventures. A woman's phone is stolen while on a Disney cruise and the phone starts auto-uploading photos to her Facebook, yep, including photos of the alleged thief, Nelson, who happens to work for the cruise ship. Oops.

And now for some inspiration--a teen invented an inexpensive and easy-to-administer test for pancreatic cancer. Kinda gives you some hope for the next generation, right? Do add he won the Intel Science Talent Search?

And remember the Make it Count Nike ad video link from last Saturday's roundup? I just read (and loved, of course) this piece about Director Casey Niestat taking the risk and going rogue to make this ad.

And this just in--it brought tears to my eyes...So joyful!


Anjuli said...

loved the one about the Iphone getting stolen and how the thief was discovered. ha ha!! oh my- technology- gotta love it, even when it bites you in the behind!!

Anjuli said...

I thought I commented on this but guess not. My favorite one was the cell phone thief ha ha

Babette said...

Silly me1 You DID comment on it. I was behind on moderating!! Thanks for visiting...