Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday Round-up #3

Things I've loved this week!! Enjoy your Saturday.

Here I learn about the life of a literary translator (and think: I want to do that!!)

Peter Shankman's Open Letter really was touching...loved it.

A funny, cute post-it note prank gets seniors suspended and the adult janitor who supervised them FIRED. That's some crazy overreacting!

I found this article on cyber security by Shelly Palmer chilling. We had better be paying some attention.

Happier stuff. I occasionally revisit this video of a murmuration for some magic. Watch it.

Around the world in one-second clips:

And one more! A Nike Make it Count commercial...Love it.

1 comment:

Anjuli said...

I love the commercial at the end- what I loved the most were the various quotes interspersed in it-- especially Eleanor Roosevelts, "Do one thing each day which scares you" (or something along those lines)-- really amazing stuff!!