Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Want to feel better about the world? Click below to donate.

Yes, I know this is a food blog--and normally you'd be checking in here to read about my adventures with chocolate malted chunk cookies (or something like that from Dorie)--not to worry, the cookies are coming.

I'm taking just a moment to ask anyone reading to donate $5 (more if you can manage) to a fellow writer, Lori Hall Steele. She has been incapacitated--and unable to work--by ALS. Lou Gehrig's disease. And it all happened in about one year's time. Local fundraisers have been done (she's in Traverse City Michigan) but just last week we got word that she was on the verge of losing her house.

Asking for $5 donations from everyone and anyone has been our way ("We" are all writer friends of hers) of trying to keep her in the house until she gets some resolutions. You can donate instantly on paypal here at Lori Hall Steele Fundraising Blog that's been set up to help. Please read her Washington Post Essay, too, written, I think, before she knew quite what she was in for.

C'mon. $5. A cup of Starbuck's. A pound or two of butter for baking. YOu might be able to find $5 in change in your car if you're like me...Lori can use the change. Click on over.

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Beth said...

November 19, 2008.

Today Lori Hall Steele passed on to continue her destiny after a long hard battle with ALS/Lyme Disease. She left her smile and her laughter imprinted in the hearts of the people that love her and those who randomly met her throughout life. Her friends Kristin/Jane were able to start a grassroots movement that raised over 70k to help pay for her medical care and to save her home for her greatest legacy her son Jackson. Remember today to share her smile and laughter with those you might meet and with those whom you love.