Friday, September 12, 2008

Eggs, Beautiful Eggs.

Some days are just great, aren't they? Yesterday was one of those days. I had the great good fortune of visiting Margie at Bee Heaven Farm. Margie has been doing organic farming for a while now--her farm is peaceful, beautiful...did I mention peaceful?

At any rate, I wanted to know about her eggs. She has a big flock of hens, a few roosters (who continuously make themselves known, just as you might imagine they would. That peaceful is a certain kind of peaceful punctuated by the cockadoodle-dos of roosters) and lots of fruit plants.

In South Florida, the planting season is just starting, but the hens, they barely ever quit (although I did learn they don't like to lay when they molt. There. Now you've learned one new fact for the day).

Margie's hens are free-range, although that is not what you might imagine, what with all the alligators and various and sundry predators in the area. You cannot just let the hens wander unless you want them to also disappear as dinner for something else. So there are these clever bottomless pens that get hand-wheeled from patch of fresh grass to patch of fresh grass as needed. The grass, the dirt, the bugs--all organic. The hens peck the grass down to the dirt (I kid you not. We don't need Roundup in this world. We need more hens).

As we left, Margie kindly pressed a 9-pack of fresh eggs into my hands. As far as I was concerned, she was giving us a certain amount of gold. I couldn't wait to wake up for eggs for breakfast this morning.

You know how they say a fresh egg's yolk really "stands up?" They aren't kidding, and I think I've captured that here...

Breakfast. As I left Bee Heaven, Margie assured me she was ruining me for store-bought eggs for good. I assure you, she was right.

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