Monday, December 24, 2007

Mmmm...Pot Pie

Originally Written November 2, 2007

I am cheating a little bit--I made this a few weeks back when I had to do some recipes for Florida Table--all about chicken--and I always test my recipes beforehand-- even though I am pretty confident things will work, I always tweak. This pot pie used up some leftover roast chicken from Costco (I pretty much love all things Costco--the chickens are all natural, hormone-free and only $4.99 and big enough for at least two, count ‘em, two, meals)..anyway, this fired on all cylinders, as they say. Great crust (if you don’t feel like making crust, please buy the Pillsbury crusts, already rolled out...I confess to always having a box of these in my fridge)..I can’t really divulge my recipe here because it was for Florida Table magazine (subscribe now!), but I will give you the secret to gorgeous looking crusts: egg wash. That’s all. Crack one egg, beat it and brush it on. For sweet desserts, do the same, then sprinkle it all with sugar. Gorgeous. My pot pie is divine, but you’ll have to buy that winter issue of FT to cook it for yourself.

This afternoon I am heading off to Epcot for its International Food and Wine Festival event. I will report in when I am back on Sunday.

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