Monday, December 24, 2007

Burrata Dinner: October 31, 2007

It might be a day or two before I get into the groove...ideally I’d have a beautiful picture of tonight’s dinner here...we had lovely burrata, tomatoes, a bit of onion, olive oil and fresh basil from my garden.

We ate it too quickly. By the time I remembered I want to photograph my dinners...well, you see what was left.

But it’s worth talking about burrata, a mixture of mozzarella and cream. The outer “shell” is pure mozzarella. The inside is this creamy mix of mozzarella and cream. It is smooth, rich, decadent and somehow wholesome all at the same time. This dish was basic food, good ingredients at their finest. The pound of cheese wasn’t cheap ($15.99 at our local cheese shop, The Cheese Course), but worth it. And don’t tell: I saved a tiny bit for my lunch tomorrow. I bet I’ll be the only one lunching on burrata.
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