Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lobster Bisque (or: I Like My Friends)

Go Steelers...oh, this is about food, isn't it? Well, as we were wondering where we should watch the game, G was thinking a bar with a big crowd, I was thinking my couch with a big TV in front of me...a text came through from the T household: Super Bowl, their place, did we want to join them and another couple or two?

Of course we do. This is an event, after all.

Then comes the next text:
Can you make lobster bisque.

Yeeessss, I think, wondering if he is going to make fun of me for something or if he really wants to know...Yes, I text back.

DT: I have 4 (Florida lobster) tails. Can you make it for the game?

Oh, is THAT all? So K comes over with six tails (even better), luckily still in the shell--and I head out for ingredients. That's how I spent my Saturday evening. Well, that and cleaning, as you will see if you read on.

My go-to is Best Soups and Stews from the publishers of Cook's Illustrated...looks delish. And it IS delicious...but man, what a lot of steps.

And you know the part where they want you to process the shells into a paste? Imagine the lid of the processor getting knocked off by those hard shells and lobster schmutz flying All. Over. The. Place. I need to shower before bed tonight. I was wiping down walls for about 20 minutes.

Those shells went into the stock WHOLE.

Maybe the flavor is more intense with the paste, but this will have to do. Bourbon instead of brandy, too, because I am a Kentucky girl at heart..(oh, that and the fact that there was no brandy in the cupboard).

In the meantime, the tool toll: one stockpot, a cast iron skillet, a small bowl, a large bowl, a second stockpot, kitchen shears, a veg cutting board, a fish cutting board, a large measuring cup, a ladle, a fine mesh strainer, one large chef's knife, one pair spring-loaded tongs, the food processor (and a sponge to wipe down the walls after my topless accident) and a spatula. Oh, my shirt. My hair...I hope crunched up lobster shells don't hurt dogs too much, too.

Everyone had better LOVE this soup.

This, some empanadas and cookies for dessert? Nice start to a Super Bowl meal.

Here is the host enjoying the fruits of my labor/his inspired idea. He looks happy to me...

Go Steelers. (Later that night: Way to go, Steelers...Best. Game. Ever.)

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Anonymous said...

This is what you get when you go to a Super Bowl party? I need to start watching football :-)