Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year and Savory Palmiers: Barefoot Blogging

I am trying to jump back on the bandwagon, both with Barefoot Bloggers and Tuesdays with Dorie...I've missed baking and blogging for my own self, having let so much other stuff get in the way (real life and all that)...

So I had a wonderful invite for the whole family last night. We all headed out late to a party at my friend Jen's. She and her husband have a wonderful big house on what must be one of few big lots in Miami...I didn't even feel like I was in Miami--this was a proper yard!

At any rate, Barefoot Bloggers, the group blogging Ina Garten recipes, had Savory Palmiers last week (or two...I said I was catching up, right?) and what could be easier? Store-bought puff pastry, homemade pesto (remember it's growing season all year, and I got basil plants from friend Rachel for my November bday), cheese, sundried tomatoes and pine nuts. Spread on dough, roll up, chill, slice, bake. All good, except I didn't remember to take them to Jen's. Ah, well, I did remember the champagne, though. Either way, these go great with the bubbly, there are plenty left here and that sounds like a nice snack for later.

Happy 2009, Blog world. Thanks for reading here--I hope you keep on visiting.

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Anonymous said...

I loved these palmiers they were super easy and tasty.