Saturday, June 14, 2008

Great American Bake Sale

First, thanks to anyone who visits this little blog. I'm having fun with it, and I so appreciate your comments.

I want to encourage everyone here to consider participating in the Great American Bake sale--it's our virtual Bake Sale. The Tuesdays with Dorie crowd has put together a team, and we are encouraging our bakers to donate what they might spend on their weekly recipe to our team's site:
Tuesdays With Dorie Great American Virtual Bake Sale
(Look for the "Make A Gift" link by the thermometer)

Browse the site, too. I am a huge fan of Share Our Strength, an organization with a simple goal: ending childhood hunger in America. I've participated in several of the group's events over the years, and I'm proud that LW of the TWD group jumped on board.

So if you can spare a the equivalent of a couple of cups of mocha lattes from You-Know-Where, head over to the link--it only takes a few minutes.


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