Monday, June 16, 2008

Barefoot Peas

The beginning..Ack! Why did I think I posted this already?

Well, with The Contessa's Pasta, Pesto and Peas, we found another winning dish for the family. Of course, as she wrote it--cup and a half of mayo and all--it seemed like such a side dish--a pasta salad for a ladies lunch. And although we are only four at home these days, two of us are Gary and Ian--Husband and Son--and they eat like guys. No little side dish of pasta for them.

So I fiddled. It just so happened that Ian saw Giada doing a pea pasta on Food Network earlier in the day. She'd added sausage and ricotta (which Ian loves since I made that fresh ricotta). So I eliminated the mayo. Added whole milk ricotta (no time to make the real thing, although I did do it a second time when I was at my mom's--didn't even use a thermometer, it is THAT easy). Anyway. Then I browned up half a pound of sweet Italian sausage and added that. Topped it with toasted pine nuts (I love toasting nuts to use in recipes. Better flavor, better texture.)

Total hit.

True to form, this should have fed a gazillion, although the recipe says 12 (I think). And I think she means 12 as a side dish. If I were planning a party, I'd make this amount for about 20. At least.

But that Contessa. She can whip up a dish, can't she?

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