Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lobster Eggs Benedict, Nevis

Lobster Eggs Benedict, Nevis by BabetteFeasts
Lobster Eggs Benedict, Nevis, a photo by BabetteFeasts on Flickr.
Online friend/colleague/writer/photographer Fred Minnick posted a photo of Eggs Benedict, which reminded me of one of MY favorite versions, shared with a lot of fun people on Nevis.

I do believe Eggs Benedict, lobster or not, are a pretty perfect way to enjoy a Sunday.


Anonymous said...

I would definitely eat that dish with lobster. Yum!

celia said...

Darn, I shouldn't be looking at this before breakfast! Poached eggs on toast is suddenly looking boring.. :)

NoPotCooking said...

Oh, this sounds really, really good.