Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easy Easter Dessert Inspired by See's Candies

Imagine my surprise when a sweet note (heh, pun intended) landed in my inbox complimenting this blog and offering me a sampling of any See's Candies I want if I used them to create a recipe and then blog about it.

Game on. I recently passed by a See's kiosk at Aventura Mall, a San Francisco friend leading the way, and we got to sample something delicious. I knew I'd find something to inspire me.

I chose Scotch Eggs and asked for jelly beans and a chocolate bunny to decorate. Not a problem; they were boxed and sent.

The box arrived. I opened it to check contents, but didn't unwrap. Then I had to head out of town for some work (eating Vietnamese food for But I schemed up my recipe, finally deciding to make a "five minute ice cream pie"--great ice cream enhanced by great candy. I would use a chocolate crust, top that with dulce de leche as a nod to my current home in South Florida, top that with caramel swirled ice cream, top all with coconut and the See's Scotch Eggs.

I shopped today and found dulce de leche mixed with coconut AND Samoa ice cream. Wow. Perfect. I got to work, first spreading the dulce de leche in the crust. Top that with the softened ice cream, pop all into freezer to harden. Then it happened. I unwrapped the scotch eggs only to find the few hours they'd spent waiting for me to get home had done some damage. March/April in South Florida is summer. It was probably 85 the day those candies arrived. I had better hopes for the chocolate bunny, which was wrapped in foil..but no. He too, was deformed. So minor change. Chop the eggs, swirl them into the ice cream, top all with the coconut and use the perfect, unmelted jelly beans as the finishing touch. It is all still inspired by those See's Scotch Eggs. Yummy. Chocolate, caramel, marshmallow. What's not to like?Easy Five-Minute Easter Pie with See's Scotch Eggs
Serves 8 to 10

1/2 cup dulce de leche with coconut, softened slightly for easy spreading
1 chocolate cookie crumb crust
1/2 gallon Samoa cookie ice cream
6 See's Scotch Eggs, chopped
1 cup shredded coconut tinted green
Handful See's Jellybeans for garnish

Spread the dulce de leche gently in the bottom of the cookie crust. (If you press too hard, you'll shatter the crust. Trust me on that.) Stir ice cream with the Scotch eggs. Spoon ice cream into crust, filling to top of crust. Freeze until solid. Top with shredded coconut and jelly beans. To slice, warm sharp knife under hot water; wipe dry then cut pie. Warm knife blade and wipe dry for each cut.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds delicious and easy. I hope you had a good Easter.