Sunday, January 20, 2008

Catching up..

Have barely had time to catch my breath since school got back in session--haven't cooked much, but I have managed to eat out a lot, not the least because I'm in the middle of spending about five days visiting my favorite (only!) sister, Pat, in Connecticut. We have done some great things: visited Chinatown in Flushing for soup dumplings and dim sum with a stop at the Patel Brothers grocery on our way into Manhattan to check out Mood Fabrics--since we are Project Runway junkies--and visit the gruesome but terribly entertaining to kids Ripley's museum...which meant Bryn also got to see Times Square...Then brunch today with two of my favorite people in the world, Karen and Joan, at a wonderful place in lovely Tarrytown--Chiboust Bistro and Bakery--I will manage to write a bit about that later, but for now, if you are in the vicinity? Go for a visit. Great spot.
...So what else? Oh, first day here, we checked out The Modern at Museum of Modern Art--owned by Union Square Cafe. That was a wonderful lunch and museum visit, but for the record, if any of you should run into Bryn and inquire about the gnocchi with sweetbreads, make sure you know that SWEETBREADS ARE A TYPE OF SAUSAGE. (And please don't let her know I lie to her...) Really, I had to come up with something and at least she thought about eating the gnocchi. If I'd really let her know what sweetbreads are (and trust me, I've been in her shoes: what sounds better to a carb lover: It's bread AND sweet? SCORE!), I think I'd have lost her then--we wouldn't have been able to go through the museum...

So I will blog and post photos of a lot of our visits when I get back to Florida (did I mention it's subzero with the windchill here right now? I had to borrow clothes--I own nothing that works up here any longer...)...right now I have to stir the cauliflower my BIL Sushil is cooking up--it's an Indian feast here tonight. Don't worry. I will blog that too.

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