Friday, January 24, 2014

Best Fish Tacos. Ever.

Poor Babette Feasts!! It's not as if I haven't been EATING. I just haven't been writing about eating. Or cooking, for that matter..
But I have to tell you about the fish tacos I got to eat on Los Cerritos beach in Cabo--I can describe them as the best fish tacos I've ever had and the simplest fish tacos I may have ever had, too--

My friend MJ invited me to be her guest on a work trip--who could say no to that? So off I flew to fall in love with Cabo San Jose and Los Cerritos and Todos Santos, an artsy little town up the Pacific coast from Cabo San Lucas (where I did NOT really do anything but pass through)...We took a jeep tour with our buddy Marco (from High Tide Adventures--highly recommend), broke down, UN-broke down, drove to  beautiful Todos Santos (where Hotel California is...they say where THE Hotel Califonia is!!) then he drove us back towards this beautiful, world-renowned surf beach called Los Cerritos to Los Cerritos Beach Club,

 where we had these fish tacos while watching the surfers...

The tortillas were freshly made, each having a bit of char on them from the griddle where they'd been cooked. Then each was filled with fat chunks of fresh white fish (wahoo? grouper? I don't know. It didn't was awesome)...add a scoop of chunky guacamole and a scoop of fresh pico de gallo--we sat in the shade of an umbrella eating fish tacos and watched the surfers and watched the waves crash onto sand that is black and flecked with gold sparkles.

MJ Agrees: Best Fish Tacos Ever.
Best. Fish. Tacos. Ever.

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