Friday, March 8, 2013

Trends...Or Not.

Food trends are funny things. What's old is new again and what was once "poor" food is now hot and trendy--pork belly anyone? Skirt Steak? How about fried hominy? Not saying that those things aren't great. I LOVE me some pork belly, skirt steak and fried hominy (if you haven't had this, think corn nuts).

But yesterday I read a CBS news story on the Top 5 Kitchen Trends. While I'm on board with the colorful cookware they feature (they show Ingrid Hoffman's fun T-fal cookware), a few photos down is the popcorn maker they gush about: Popcorn makers, including this one from West Bend, were very popular at the show. The dome of this particular model detaches and turns into a bowl. 

I have owned that Westbend popcorn maker for at least 7 years. And I bought it because a popcorn loving friend showed me her well-used maker way back when. Not new.

The very next image is of a microwave with a coffee maker. Ditto--when we remodeled the kitchen in Kentucky 8 years ago, I coveted a multifunction stove/cooktop...

Not to say I don't like some of the items mentioned in the story. Wilton Ametale has cookware that does double duty as serveware..They say it can go straight from the stove to the table. I like that (especially since I never have enough serving bowls)..

I also like the Cubodira, the dish rack that collapses into a cutting board. Again, double duty.  Works for me.

The rest seemed like not-needed stuff to me. I don't need more STUFF. I need less of it. I need workhorses in the kitchen.

You want trends? Make something real. Like this kettle corn (sweet and salty)...and I don't even use my Westbend popcorn maker--a pot, popcorn (you know, the kernels--not the stuff that goes into the microwave), sugar and oil.

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