Saturday, March 10, 2012


I crave simplicity. It's not always evident that I crave it, but I do. After our most recent move, which was absolutely NOT simple, I finally crafted my life's mission statement: I no longer want stuff. I only want consumables and experiences. I'll eat, live, travel. Lather, rinse, repeat.

This photo says it all for me...I consumed it in one bite and it was a fabulous experience. A beautiful Kumamoto oyster, a splash of red mignonette, a touch of creme fraiche and a kiss of caviar. One bite and I tasted the ocean. One simple bite and I was satisfied. I need no more.

A few ingredients, no heat, put together by Chef Clay Conley one day at Mandarin Oriental.

Simplicity. Absolutely.

Just leave me my camera, too, so I can capture both...the bite and the experience, that is...

Feast on other fabulous photos at, a blog that is making it simple to find great recipes accompanied by many great photos (hello, chocolate dipped potato chip cookies. Come to mama..)...and while you are at it, check out Eat Write Retreat, a new retreat for those of us who like to...well, eat, write and retreat.

If Feastie likes the photo, I may be a finalist for a scholarship to the retreat, where I would get the chance to mix it up with fellow food and photo lovers. I'm all about that. But I'll keep you posted, because if I AM a finalist, I'll be looking for your vote...

And in the meantime? Keep it simple. Life is better this way.

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