Thursday, January 19, 2012

URL Changes...

Well, a series of unfortunate events led to me not renewing I will refrain from passing judgment on the new owner here in public, but suffice to say I have beaten myself up over the oversight that led to that. I've also tried to get the name back but my contact emails have gone unanswered.

For now, the title of my blog remains, as it has since 2007, Babette Feasts. the CURRENT URL is If I can figure out how to redirect, you will also be able to type in to get here.

I can't pretend I have this huge following, but it hurts anyway. It feels like I've lost something. But wallowing is done. Time to renew my outlook, think like and move forward.

If you are reading here, and you happen to have me bookmarked, please change the URL. I will try to reach commenters and followers one by one to let you all know of the change, too.


@ and

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