Monday, August 1, 2011

Rooftop Asado...

The skies shortly after we started grilling
What did you have for dinner this weekend?
We planned a wonderful, big rooftop grill. Our tango teacher (and now our good friend) Daniel was the grill master. He came with his lovely wife, K, and then we had some good friends we are trying to lure into the tango underground  community come. (Check out Passion for Tango if you live near Charlotte.)

Unfortunately, the numbers dwindled quickly as yesterday's dinner approached ...we had way too much meat for the crowd, but we "suffered" through it anyway. There was bruschetta (thank you, MJ! MJ already has come over to the tango side). Lots of Argentine wine (mostly malbec, but not only; all from Mendoza, if I recall correctly). Morcilla, chorizo, flank steak and ribs. Provoleta (melted provolone with oregano. In Argentina, they grill it). Homemade bread, a big green salad with local tomatoes, Marie Speed's very special recipe for potato salad (can't share it without permission, but it is decadent), homemade peach/honey ice cream, strawberry pie. Chocolate cookies.

It was fabulous, and Daniel was the champion griller. When a storm blew in (and I mean BLEW in), he retreated only a bit (it was torrential and there was lightning. He had to), but went back out with his big umbrella and grilled in the rain. (Ps. It hasn't rained here in weeks. Of course it would rain when we plan the only grill party we have EVER had upstairs...)...

Good food, good wine, great friends. Need I say more??

And I think maybe we got some tango recruits.

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lorna vanderhaeghe said...

Chorizo, flank steak, and ribs are the right foods to pair off with the grill.