Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wait, What??

Um. Really? A month of posts and then nothing? What's up with that?
Well, what's up with that is:
Still being heart-achingly sad about my brother, David.
A trip to see my rock-solid circle of girlfriends from Dickinson College
A trip to Kentucky to fix up an apartment there to rent it out
Two weeks of "down time" (read: catching up time_
Leaving July 3 for two wonderful weeks in Uruguay and Buenos Aires
One week spent catching up.
Many days and nights spent worrying about my newly graduated (yay!) sons, also newly unemployed (boo!)
Worry about things over which I have no control (what a waste of time)
Worry about things over which I have some control
Working out for the Nautica NYC Triathlon (not bad. I still suck at running.)
Planning trip to NYC--pack bike, order wetsuit, find out who is coming and when they are coming
Worry more. Waste more time.
Get a couple of new gigs (yay!)

I am just down, you know? May knocked the stuffing out of me and has me re-evaluating many things. There is a lot of NOISE going on in my life and all I keep saying? "I want a simpler life."

So here is a list of things--some writer friends came up with the term Life List, far better than bucket list-- that I must still keep doing:
  • Tango--latest passion. Can't stop now--dance as much as I can. It makes me happy.
  • Cooking: teaching classes most of all, then developing recipes, the two most favorite parts of what I do.
  • Getting rid of STUFF. I definitely have too much stuff in my life. How can I make it simpler?
  • Doing triathlons. Best thing (along with the tango) that I've done in ages, doing something so far out of my comfort zone.
  • Invite more friends to dinner. My happiest times are have friends over for dinner. It's just that simple.

So now, how do I get rid of all the other stuff that make my life not simple? What are you guys all doing to simplify?


orca wetsuits said...

"Doing triathlons." I warn you, you may not like it your first few tries. You might even see it as a punishment for your mistakes (as commanded by a higher being), but fret not, once you get the hang of it, it'll be a stress reliever you'd always look for.

Babette said...

Orca Wetsuits,
First, thank you for this comment. Yes, I am hooked. And if you are Orca Wetsuits really? I LOVED the wetsuit I rented so much I bought it.