Thursday, April 21, 2011

Special For Easter? Popovers

I am republishing this blog post from a couple of years back--because I think every holiday deserves popovers. When I developed this recipe for Florida Table, I also developed a popover habit. Not a bad thing to have. Popovers are simple and delicious. Treat yourself. (Republished from June 4, 2008)

I recently had to develop a popover recipe and I have to say, there's not much to develop.
The ratio is 2/4/2: 2 cups flour, 4 eggs, 2 cups milk. Want more? 4 cups flour, 8 eggs, 4 cups milk. I read about slight variations (melted butter, leavening, leave the pans cold, get them hot, start them at a high temp, reduce to low)--they were kind of too many. In the end simplest is best (add 1 teaspoon salt to the 2/4/2 recipe, and I bake at 375 for 50 minutes until REALLY golden brown, although your mileage may vary), but I did learn these things while I baked about 6 batches in the past few weeks:
  • --do not overmix
  • --a hot pan is good
  • --do NOT overfill. I made a few batches where I filled the cup nearly full. I think this doesn't give the batter a "wall" to climb to help the popovers pop.
  • --Absolutely, positively do NOT open the door while these bake.
  • --Really let them bake until they are dark golden and crusty. Underbake them and they will collapse in on themselves.

One batch I could even SEE them prickling to pop right before my eyes. It was like watching time lapse photography.
I added some Jarlsberg cheese to the batch in the oven now...the photos aren't great because, as noted, I can't open the oven.

But the end shots? Mmm. Eat 'em hot.


Anonymous said...

Yum! These look so good!

celia said...

Barb, I've never had these - they're not common here - but they sound fantastic! If I can't get a popover tin, what can I use instead? Muffin tin? Thanks..and Happy Easter! Celia x

Babette said...

Celia, I think the muffin tins might not be deep enough...if you try it and succeed, let me know--and if you try it and it DOESN'T succeed, let me know, too, and I will price the cost of sending you a popover tin...or, at least do like you did (with my fabulous welder's gloves) and find someone who can get the tin to you in their suitcase...let me know!

NoPotCooking said...

I have got to buy a popover pan. I make Yorkshire pudding a lot, but not popovers b/c I don't have the pan!

Lisa said...

Oh sweet lord those look absolutely divine.