Thursday, July 15, 2010

July Flies By...

Hi, All--well, after the blogathon, I've fallen off the wagon, but July is an incredible and incredibly busy month for me...The big event is my Hudson River swim as part of a relay team participating in the Nautica NYC Triathlon--we are raising money for Amyloidosis research in memory of Paul Hawthorne, my cousin's husband, who I blogged about here.

Some of you have donated to the cause, and in case I've missed thanking you, here's my open letter to all. I will take up blogging and cooking next week!

I hope to thank each one of you individually, but as I get ready to head to NYC this afternoon, I did want to take the time to pass this on in this group email--your generous gifts have put me up and over my goal for the race. Thank you so much for taking the time to click on the donation link--in some cases I know it was confusing (how to link my name to Paul's, etc.), so thank you for persevering.

I get into the Hudson at 6.14 a.m. on Sunday--think of me in your dreams. I may have a cheering delegation in the form of my friend Kumiko, a friend from my time at Florida Table. She's moved to NYC and has a little apartment quite close to the start of the race, so sleeping there Sat. night is an enormous help. (I am just not certain she'll get up so early to see me swim.)

I will be done with my leg by 7 a.m. and my teammate Dakila has offered to have a cold beer waiting for me before he gets on his bike to speed off to his 30 miles (30k? I can't remember) of the relay. His wife, Elke, will finish the race with a 10k run. Better her than me, that is all I have to say about that.

Pre-race, Amy's parents are hosting a party at Da Andrea (carbo load? I may be too nervous to eat). Post race we will be celebrating at Blondies, where the race organizers are hosting the teams that raced for charity ("race" being a rather nebulous term in our case). Friday night there is the Jamaica underwear run, but please. It's enough to ask me to be in NYC in a wetsuit. Nobody would benefit from me racing in my undies in Central Park. Nobody.

So thank you all so much for this--Every little bit has helped. Again, you have all been enormously generous. The comment below comes from the doctor who treated Paul; this was part of a recent press release. Thought you would like to read it:

....this quote that Paul's doctor, Raymond Comenzo, recently offered to help explain the importance of our team's cause:

"At the International Amyloidosis Workshop in Rome in April 2010, there were 15 young doctors and scientists from around the world presenting their research whose attendance at the workshop was supported by grants from the Amyloidosis Foundation. The Foundation depends on the support of donors and teams like Paul’s Posse, a New York City triathlon team raising money to honor Paul Hawthorne, a 41 year-old husband, father, professional photographer and veteran who died while being treated for cardiac amyloidosis. Paul’s wife Amy is leading the Posse’s efforts. The funds raised by the Posse in homage to Paul will enable the Amyloidosis Foundation to continue its support of research aimed at advancing our knowledge and treatment of amyloidosis. We are grateful for Paul’s Posse and for Amy’s leadership and wish the Posse Godspeed and safety in every leg of the triathlon."

Wish me luck!




Tara said...

Oh my gosh, good luck! I'm amazed at what you'll be doing. (I have to get my amazement out now, you see, because I will be sleeping like a log when you pitch yourself into the Hudson.)

Babette said...

Thanks, Tara! I just did an open water swim in Long Island Sound and got stung by a jelly fish...not a very auspicious start to the weekend...The Hudson will be a piece of cake compared to that ...I think.

Celia said...

Good luck, Barb! Are you swimming in a stinger suit? They're very common here because of the jellyfish - all in one lycra body suit down to wrist and ankles...

Babette said...

Celia--it's over and done--I wore more than a stinger suit, I wore a full wet suit to wrists and to ankles--made of wetsuit material (some kind of rubber)...Now I wish I'd bought it: I am threatening to do it again already.

I wish I'd worn the suit when I did an open water swim in the Long Island Sound on Friday: I got stung by a jellyfish that day...I think I probably just brushed up against it. Got a rash, welts and stinging, but it was gone within about 45 minutes...worried me, though.

No jellyfish in the Hudson, but I may do a sleeveless suit next year...the full suit is awkward for me...I cut my time in nearly HALF because of the awesome current in the Hudson.

Celia said...

Barb, my son recently went to FNQ (Far North Queensland) and went snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef. It was great, but he needed a stinger suit - I made one from black double-sided lycra. I wanted to make him a cape to go with it, because honestly, he looked like a skinny superhero. He said it was just the best thing - kept him warm, and he didn't get stung. The stories of people having to be airlifted out because of stings was all too scary to contemplate, so I'm glad your symptoms went away in a short time!

As an aside, when little people train in the surf in FNQ, they wear old pantyhose - one pair on their legs, and the crotch cut out of another one through which put their head, and their arms then go into the legs of the hose. :)

So, I assume the swim went well, since you're planning to do it again? :D