Thursday, October 30, 2008

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Okay, kids...just another plug for myself...I may have said so earlier, but I'm blogging a lot at as the Dining Expert (I am an expert at eating...heh. Imagine that). Please go have a look and visit often. Soon videos of yours truly should be up--i did the Paradise Farms video on October 1, although it hasn't gone live yet, and tomorrow I'm driving The. Entire. Length. Of. Florida. to get to Apalachicola where the Seafood Festival is happening--Tomorrow is The Blessing of The Fleet, and on Saturday there will be a race (not surprise there), a parade, an oyster shucking contest, an oyster eating contest (Apalachicola oysters are world class, world famous and this is their home...) oyster COOKING contest...entertainment...and I'll be on camera interviewing people: organizers, visitors, shuckers, eaters and cookers. Phew.

Then. THEN I get to have dinner with my wonderful son Ian at The Gibson Inn's Avenue Sea, run by David Carrier and his wife, Ryanne. David put in quality time--before settling in scenic Apalachicola for the good life--at The French Laundry. So think of me and the wonderful meal I'll be having Saturday evening.

Ah! On the way up The. Entire. Length. Of. Florida. I will also get to see other fabulous son, Sam, for dinner at The Yearling, the restaurant inspired by Florida Author Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings' descriptions of food and dishes from her life in Cross Creek.

This? This is my work. I am one lucky dining expert.


Anonymous said...

Oysters are ugly, but this photo is breathtaking. Enjoy all your driving. I saw how much cheaper gas was today and, man, I did a little jig. Happy trails!

Anonymous said...

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