Saturday, May 31, 2008

No, We can't order pizza out...

Ugh. I get so tired of the cost of pizza out, although, I must admit to loving Anthony's Coal-fired Pizza here in Weston, and now we've got Pizza Fusion, a very cool, all-green concept (and a good one: growing by leaps and bounds)...

So when Bryn asked for pizza ordered in the other night, I just said NO. Let's make it. For pennies. I used Carole Bloom's Italian Baker book, which I've mentioned before. This is a nice recipe, easy to do within a couple of hours. I had some San Marzano tomatoes. Unfortunately I didn't have any mozzarella. I dug out a bit of grated cheddar and I always have parm, so I got some freshly grated action going there...Easy.

For the second pie, I went for the focaccia--rolled it out, brushed it with oil and sprinkled it with great sea salt, fresh rosemary, black pepper and more freshly grated parmesan...Oh, I almost forgot: my secret ingredient for any pizza--I whisk up some anchovy paste with great olive oil and I brush that on the crust before anything else gets there. Anyway, the plain bread with olive oil and herbs disappeared it was that loved.

For the REALLY great news? The pizza stone I thought I MUST have left in the oven of the old apartment? I found it in the garage. I am so happy--it's now at home in the oven, where it will stay until we move again..

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ostwestwind said...

Since I discovered the refrigerator pizza dough, I have always a batch in the fridge. At least we eat pizza once a week, so much better and cheaper. Here is the source from King Arthur

Ulrike from K├╝chenlatein